The sixth round of the #INTLHoopsDraft has concluded, and a greater diversity of picks are being made. More D-League players, such as Pierre Jackson and Vander Blue, are starting to come off the board, and stars from smaller teams are becoming increasingly prevalent, noticeable in Sidigas Avellino’s Levi Randolph and Joe Ragland being selected. We also finally see Ante Tomic, Will Clyburn, Paulius Jankunas, and Bobby Dixon come off the board. Most of the big names may be gone, but that certainly does not mean that #INTLHoopsDraft lacks excitement as we meet the half-way point of this project.

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Seb was born and raised in the (dominated by Olympiacos' fans) greek island of Corfu in 1988. His first two memories of basketball are strongly opposing each other: He was feeling completely indifferent in 1997 as David Rivers was repeatedly cruising past the FC Barcelona defence to lead Olympiacos to their first european championship title (and eventually their first - and only - triple crown) thinking "how can it be worth any much if it is that easy?" and then fiercely fanatical as he listened to his father talking to him about basketball (for probably the first time ever in his life) to tell him that "we are almost tied at half time with the referees butchering us, we got them!" (referring to this game here). It was a one-lane way from that moment on.

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