International Hoops Fantasy Draft

When many people think about basketball, it is often the National Basketball Association or the American college sports system that comes to mind. While the NBA may have the biggest budgets and most exposure, and the NCAA often contains some of the best young players in the world, neither league has the monopoly on talent. All around the world, there are vibrant basketball leagues and teams with their own traditions and cultures brimming with talented players.

In this International Basketball Fantasy Draft, twenty participants from throughout the world will try to assemble the best possible theoretical team from these various leagues, both for the coming season and into the future.

Almost every currently active player from all over the world is eligible for this draft. Ineligible players include those who participated in American college basketball during the 2016-17 season, or those who during the same year played more than 250 NBA minutes and/or were on an NBA roster at season’s end. Everyone else is available, from Lithuania to Argentina and from China to the recently rechristened G-League. This means that players such as Bogdan Bogdanovic, who are joining the NBA this coming year, are eligible, but players who are leaving the NBA, like Luis Scola, are not. The draft will be conducted in a snake, or serpentine, format, meaning that the last pick in the first round will have first pick in the second round, and vice versa. We will be announcing our picks via Twitter, and we will post summary articles at the end of every round. After certain rounds, we will also invite outsiders to evaluate the progress of the draft at that point.

The International Hoops Draft Lottery decided that the order in which team owners will make their picks is the following:

1 Conway Twittyer @JailedFlynt
2 KL Chouinard
3 A Tired Black Man @francisadujr
4 Rafael Uehara @rafael_uehara
5 Gabrielan Drade @GabrielAndPaula
6 Pierre F. @Pierre_CLS
7 Ball in Europe @bie_basketball
8 Adrien Bauer @AdrienBauer
9 NetsPick & Chill @mn_nba
10 Antigoni Zachari @AntigoniZchr
11 Milos Vujakovic @Vu1ak
12 Sebastian Komianos @sebfromthecourt
13 Savas Birdal @savasbdl
14 Simonas Baranauskas @LithuaniaBasket
15 rodhig @rodhig7
16 Ugur Sen @Ugur77sen
17 Alexander Chernykh @chernykh
18 mike gribanov @mikegrib8
19 Young Kurt Rambis @IllegalScreens
20 Bobby Mummery @rlawrencem

You can follow our progress both using the Twitter hashtag #INTLHoopsDraft and right here at CourtSide Diaries by checking out the latest picks below or going through past rounds following the links at the bottom of the page.

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Rounds 8, 9 & 10 Recap

Rounds 11 & 12 Recap

Rankings by Moshe Barda & Yuval Barak