It’s the last part of our EuroCup Quarterfinals Previews series and, with Lokomotiv Kuban Krasnodar already discussed in our previous podcast episode, it’s about time we said a few things about Gran Canaria and who better to do that than our very own Rafael Zamorano?

Seb and Rafa went on a 20+ minutes long conversation and discussed a couple of topics, such as:

– The major blow that is Erikssen’s injury for Gran Canaria’s offense (both in terms of direct scoring as well as overall production): Rafael tells us how he thinks this will impact the team from the Canary Islands that is mostly about offensive plays.

– Gran Canaria’s defense: How does the Spanish side try to compensate for their lack of defensive strength and what this means for the matchup against Lokomotiv Kuban Krasnodar in specific.

– The role of GranCa’s big guys and the possibility of Andrejs Pasecniks carrying the team (hint: not highly possible, from what both Rafael and Sebastian tell us).

– Big guys in Europe: Have we seen any of them being the leaders of their teams and carrying them to success and are there any that could probably do it in the future?

– Fatigue as another factor that would somehow give Herbalife Gran Canaria some glimpses of hope to be competitive in the series.

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