Our second to last “European Quarterfinals Team Previews” post is about the FC Bayern Munich – UNICS Kazan matchup. Its Lorenzo Bianchi  from EuroLeague Fans United who puts the spotlight on EuroCup Quarterfinals rookies Grissin Bon Reggio Emilia and Ilya Donskikh (along with Vladimir Spivak) who was our podcast guest to talk about the Russian side (from [00:15 until 17:50).

Bayern Munich has had one goal from Day One of preseason, and that goal is to make it to EuroLeague. They lead the German Basketball League with a monster 20 wins and only one loss. As well, with 14 wins and only two losses, they have been contenders to win the EuroCup since the start of the season.

Bayern made three major signings this summer: gifted point guard Stefan Jović, NBA scorer Jared Cunningham, and veteran PF Milan Mačvan — the latter had a season-ending ACL injury. Said injury forced Bayern’s Danilo Barthel, a very talented forward, to step up. He had a monster game of 42 PIR in the first game of the post-Mačvan era. As well, the veteran swingman Reggie Redding who scored 20 points in that game. Recently the team got Serbian forward Vladimir Lučić back, who was injured for 104 days. He scored 12 points in the Cup Final in only 16:56 minutes.

UNICS has lost all of its four games against top-eight teams so far, but they have a very talented team in Kazan, with a very athletic frontline which includes N’dour, Ejim, and Lasme (who is the top scorer and the most efficient player on the team). We shouldn’t forget one of the best point guards of the competition, Quino Colom, and veteran scorer and EuroCup champ Jamar Smith. However, Bayern is deep enough and talented enough to get the W.

Stefan Jović

Stefan Jović

Bayern is the third best scoring team of the competition and the most efficient one. The team plays really quality basketball on offense and defense, and has the ability to play different styles. They can play really quality halfcourt sets, and at the same time execute really well on fastbreaks. Bayern has a lot of players that can contribute on offense — almost each and every player in coach Đorđević’s really deep roster is a threat.

UNICS’s two key players are Quino Colom and Stephane Lasme. The twosome ranked third and fourth among the most efficient players of the competition. The ones that are supposed to stop Colom and Lasme on the Bayern side are Devin Booker and Reggie Redding (while Braydon Hobbs is also going to defend Quino Colom for some minutes). Booker is a very good defender, rebounder, and also a really efficient player on offensive side too. He can stop Lasme, in part, by indirectly attacking him in the post and trying to get some fouls on Kazan’s key player.

To sum up, I believe that Bayern will win this playoff series — it will be close, but Bayern’s offensive quality and their deep roster will bring them the series win. My bet is 2-1 Bayern.

Text edited by: Nick Flynt

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