So, CourtSide Diaries is one year old.

We are a collective of basketball writers based all around the world who share the passion of writing and conversing about every aspect of the sport – from the most glamorous highlight to the anonymous kid throwing a ball to the basket under the night sky – that decided to come together and create an online space where the culture of basketball will be discussed, analysed and celebrated. CourtSide Diaries are our journals.

The quoted text above acted as our manifesto in the landing page I set up, a tad more than a year ago, serving as a placeholder while I was finalizing the work on the to-be-launched site. And it basically describes the one and only aim that I had in mind when I started getting in touch with people I thought might be interested in joining this project. That aim: gather all the people that love European basketball, and writing about it, in order to celebrate it.

367 days, 82 articles, 3360 tweets, 35 videos, numerous gifs and a season later, a lot has changed: the current team of writers is quite different from the initial one. Our approach to writing, editing, and publishing is taking different forms. The sport itself is ever-evolving. What hasn’t changed is the aim of people coming together, articles being written and basketball getting discussed, analysed, and  celebrated.

That being our ambition, we would like to expand our collective of authors. So we invite each and every one of you reading this right now with interest in giving the world your five (or two, or one) cents on anything basketball-related to get in touch with us and join our small yet passionate team. There are no deadlines or quotas you have to fill – we are all doing this because we like it. So, don’t think about it twice, just send us an email or message us on twitter ofacebook!

And if you are wondering what kind of things we write about, analyze and celebrate, let me tour you around our first 365 days of being online:

  • We started by publishing a quite extensive series about the FIBA v. Euroleague feud which consisted of three pieces:

First, Evangelos Karagiannakidis wrote about the first split between FIBA and a couple of clubs in 2000. Vassilis Kagias then wrote about the schism in the making, and Sebastian Komianos concluded with a very long but information-rich piece on how FIBA sees itself, being the international federation of basketball.

The image below is the wordcloud from everything we published last season:

CourtSide Diaries 365 Days WordCloud

It’s not surprising that the most common words were “team” and “game” and it gives me an amazing opportunity to repeat our invitation call to all of you with a cheesy wordplay: If you got game and want to join our team, let us know!

Doncic GIF

(You can also join us on facebook, twitter, youtube, giphy and instagram)

Text edited by: Nick Flynt

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Seb was born and raised in the (dominated by Olympiacos' fans) greek island of Corfu in 1988. His first two memories of basketball are strongly opposing each other: He was feeling completely indifferent in 1997 as David Rivers was repeatedly cruising past the FC Barcelona defence to lead Olympiacos to their first european championship title (and eventually their first - and only - triple crown) thinking "how can it be worth any much if it is that easy?" and then fiercely fanatical as he listened to his father talking to him about basketball (for probably the first time ever in his life) to tell him that "we are almost tied at half time with the referees butchering us, we got them!" (referring to this game here). It was a one-lane way from that moment on.

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